Millions of users are using the Do Not Track tools which have nothing to do with. These features are embedded in the popular browsers such as the Google, Firefox has been ignored. The possibility of users having the browser information picked up by the specific ads placed in the web.

In a research by Gizmodo, It is revealed that more than a quarter of American teenagers are using the Do Not Track tools to safeguard their privacy online. Unfortunately, this results shows that browser like Google doesn’t work as accurately as it should be.

Currently, only some of the websites like Reddit, Pinterest and Medium respect the Do Not Track settings. Sites like Yahoo, Twitter doesn’t respect the Do Not Track tools.


Mozilla has shown their disappointment regarding this issue, it says “In the physical world, users wouldn’t expect hundreds of vendors to follow them from store to store, spying on the products they look at or purchase. Users have the same expectations of privacy on the web, and yet, in reality, they are tracked wherever they go. Most web browsers fail to help users get the level of privacy they expect and deserve”.

Some companies like Google and Microsoft have been constantly pushing the Do Not Track tool in the browsers. But this latest research shows it is completely useless. Tracking of user information is still a bigger concern especially on the phones which have the Android operating systems.

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