If you’re mistreatment Google’s new routines, then the Google Assistant could be one in all the foremost common voices in your day-after-day life. You wouldn’t be alone in this — with support for over five,000 sensible devices, and also the most intelligence of any sensible assistant, Google is functioning arduous to form Google Assistant a natural a part of everyone’s life. However hearing a similar voice on a daily basis will get effortful. Your Google Assistant’s uses area unit personalized to your specific tastes, therefore why can’t your Assistant sound completely different from everybody else’s?

Well, whereas a really personal Google Assistant voice could be a bit far-fetched, even during this age of speedily advancing school, you are doing have choices once it involves your Google Assistant’s voice. At Google I/O, it absolutely was unveiled that six new voices were returning to Google Assistant, transportation the overall range of voice choices to eight.

These voices were created attainable with new school that uses raw audio files to simulate voices, instead of recorded snippets of human conversations — this implies a a lot of natural accent, and fewer of these stuttered and unnatural voices you may be accustomed with different virtual assistants. The choice to alter the Google Assistant’s voice is presently solely on the market within the U.S., however keep a watch out for this dynamical within the future, as Google will prefer to update Assistant very often.

So however are you able to choose one amongst these new voices for your Google Assistant on your Google Home, iOS, or golem device? Examine our straightforward guide.

Google Assistant

Since Google Assistant is baked into most golem phones, dynamical the Assistant’s voice is pretty straightforward.

To get started, activate your Google Assistant by holding the house button on your phone, or by voice communication “Okay Google.” once your Assistant overlay pops up, faucet the blue icon within the top-right corner of the overlay to access your main Assistant feed.

Then hit the three dots in the top-right corner, and select Settings > Preferences > Assistant voice.

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All you wish to try to from there’s choose that of the voices you prefer, and faucet to vary it. Dynamical is fast and simple, therefore there’s no have to be compelled to worry if you wish to vary it back once more. Even-numbered voices ar male, and odd-numbered voices ar feminine.


Changing the Google Assistant’s voice is simply as straightforward on iOS devices, despite it not being the go-to voice assistant for several iPhone and iPad users.

Getting started is far an equivalent as on Associate in nursing automaton device. Open up your Google Assistant by gap the Assistant app from your home screen. Then hit the blue icon within the top-right of the screen, followed by the 3 dots button on the highest right, then faucet Settings > Preferences > Assistant voice. Then browse your choice of voices and select the one that suits you best.


When you modification the voice on your phone app, your Google Home speaker can mechanically begin exploitation it. It’ll even swap the voice for every account connected to the speaker.

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