At the recent Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple has announced iOS 13 during the keynote presentation. This new version of the operating system is available to iPhone, iPad and also to the new iPhone’s expected to launch during the later of this year.

Here are some of the information about it


iOS 13 software will have better performance than the before released iOS operating system. It calculated that a 30% increase in the speed while unlocking it with the Face ID. And app downloads will be 50% smaller. App launch speed will be faster on comparing it with the previous versions.

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Siri Performance improvements:

In iOS 13, Siri has the capacity to read the incoming messages through AirPods, and also can respond straight away. This function can also work with a third-party messaging app. This functionality is developed using SiriKit. Siri can play up to 100,000 radio stations around the world by using the Live Radio feature.


In iOS 13, You have more customization options. It includes hats, sunglasses, different teeth. These new Memoji stickers are generated automatically and it can be accessed through iOS keyboard. The created Memoji can be shared across all other apps like Mail, Messages, etc.



iOS 13 comes with a new lighting effect called High-Key Mono. It also has new editing features, it lets the users change the intensity of the lighting. The image editing feature in Photos updated with new UI. It is updated with new filters and also a way to rotate a video.

Dark Mode:

The best thing about iOS 13 is the new dark mode feature. It capitalizes eye-friendly black background. The dark mode can also be integrated into third-party apps also.

Swipe Typing:

Apple will be integrated swipe typing feature in iOS 13, It was demonstrated during Worldwide Developer Conference.

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