Facebook is presently exploring different avenues regarding another gaming video “Destination” that joins all the live and pre-recorded gaming recordings posted on the social platforms. Named as FB.GG Facebook parts its one-stop video feature into five areas: Live Now, Streams by Game, Suggested Streamers, Recently Live, and Watched by Your Friends.

“Individuals will have the capacity to find gaming video on our new destination in view of makers and recreations they take after, Pages they like and Groups they have a place with,” the organisation says. “We’ll additionally highlight creators, esports competitions and substance from gaming industry occasions.”

To get FB.GG into the eyes of the gaming network, Facebook wants to subsidise content makers and esports coverage that will be piped into the page. Those funding’s likely come from Facebook’s Gaming Creator Program propelled in January to enable substance makers to fabricate their networks, increment disclosure over various platforms, and give devices to profiting from streams.

In any case, what the program needs is implies for really beginning in the amusement spilling business. That is the place Facebook’s new Level up Program becomes possibly the most important factor, propelling in the following couple of months. This program gives tips, best practices gave by built-up streamers, and early access to new highlights. Tenderfoots likewise approach Facebook Stars, an adaptation stage empowering fans to help their most loved streamers by acquiring and sending virtual “stars.”

“Since our underlying tests, we’ve seen empowering comes about and have taken off Facebook Stars to everybody in our gaming maker program,” Facebook says. “We’ve additionally been getting a ton of input from the network on approaches to improve Stars notwithstanding for both gaming makers and fans, so we’ll proceed to emphasize and add new highlights to Stars in the coming months.”

To fit the bill for the Level up Program, you should have a “Gaming Video Creator” page and have no less than 100 followers on that page. Different necessities incorporate telecom for four hours over the most recent 14 days, broadcasting on two days over the most recent 14 days, meeting Facebook’s people group norms and its adaptation qualification principles.

As of now, one of the principal attractions featuring FB.GG is AlexRamiGaming spilling Fortnite. Tap on the video, and a popup window clarifies how you can send Stars to help streamers. In light of the message, watchers amass Stars as they watch a communicate, and can give those Stars to the streamer who changes over them into money. You can buy Stars too:

100 = $1.40
378 = $5.00
795 = $10.00
2,235 = $25.00
4,465 = $50.00
9,525 = $100.00


The entire program from financing streamers to the new FB.GG page is Facebook’s endeavour to keep gamers stuck to the social site as opposed to meandering over to Mixer, YouTube, or Twitch to watch gaming communicates. The new gateway will naturally list the makers and recreations you as of now take after, you’re gaming Groups, and the amusement driven Pages you take after.

“We’re in an experimental stage and will keep on testing new encounters, including a channel where fans can investigate relevant gaming content,” Facebook says.