Facebook updated its advertising policy once again. This time around Facebook has decided to crack down on the post regarding guns, explosives etc. The social media giant has already banned ad regarding “Selling of guns” in 2016. Now it’s turning attention to the “Firearms selling’s accessories to the minor people”. Facebook has updated policies that allow the companies to belt accessories, safety, and training courses and other products and services – providing the minimum target age is 10.

It is likely to be less restrictive than Facebook site’s current rules. Currently, Facebook’s only gun related content is “Blogs or Groups connecting people with weapon-related interest, as long as the service doesn’t lead to the sale of these product.”

Facebook has released the details of ads that are not allowed “Get your ammo here!” and “Our $1800 Ammo Giveaway starts now! Click here to enter your chance to win.”

This is largely because the company has faced a lots of criticism regarding its advertisement, data policies and also the latest scandal involving Cambridge Analytica. These advertisement based policy updates will come to effect on June 21.

Facebook gave little in the method for insights with respect to why it refreshed these strategies. It is conceivable it needs to do with the ongoing school shootings in the U.S., yet this hasn’t been affirmed.


The approaches still preclude the offer of weapons and ammo paying little mind to the focused on age gathering. Moreover, these rules likewise incorporate non-deadly weapons, for example, pepper shower, BB firearms, or even paintball and airsoft firearms. The last are utilised for stimulation as opposed to any type of self-preservation, however the restriction on airsoft weapons makes sense considering that a considerable lot of them are intended to look like real guns. A worry here is that somebody could have a go at offering genuine weapons camouflaged as airsoft firearms.