On celebrating Google Chrome’s 10th birthday, Chrome has released a new version of the browser this is more significant since the day it is launched. During the introduction of the Google Chrome, Internet Explorer held the web in its hand. The new launch of Google Chrome 69, the new features of the web browser is currently available in both Desktop and the Mobile Platforms.

The first thing you will notice in this version of Chrome is its look. Edges are sharper and the angular features are replaced with the bubbly circles and pastel colours. In the mobile browser, Google has moved the bottom and it will be very easier to reach. Google has taken a lot of time to switch up its classic look.



The updates are beyond than its looks. The important feature is the search bar. The Omnibox will give the answers directly, rather than waiting for the new page to load up in Google Chrome. This is called the “Rich Results”.

Google says you will be able to search files in Google Drive right from the Google Chrome search bar. Many of the people have requested to add shortcuts in Chrome and they did that. Google says the new Chrome is better in remembering the information for the contact forms.

There are some features which are not mentioned in press materials such as the Picture-in-Picture mode and the native Windows 10 Desktop Notifications.

Many of the new features are included in this new Google Chrome Update and it is an excellent way to celebrate 10 years of the Google Chrome. For the past six months Firefox has given a run for its money, but still, Chrome is the best web browser that you can use.