Kelly Short ridge, product manager at Security Scorecard, has discovered that Google chrome was running AV scans of Windows devices. This isn’t a normal behaviour for a web browser. Google has explained that it appears to be a bug related to some antivirus feature that Google added to windows version of chrome last year. Google Clean up Tool add-in is meant to help users restore the hijacked system. Justin Schuh, Security lead from Google, Initially said that these scans were part of this anti-virus software.

Schuh tweeted “It runs weekly, at background priority and normal user privacy, for up to 15 mins. It scans browser hijacking points, which may cause it to follow links elsewhere. The engine is a heavily sand boxed subset of ESET.”

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Things being what they are wasn’t the genuine issue, nonetheless. Google later found that a bug was making Chrome start document checks upon startup. The apparatus is intended to filter already downloaded documents, yet a bug moved the output to the start-up way, which means it runs examines each time Chrome is opened. This can make Windows PCs back off when beginning the program. Google has said that it will fix the bug in a future fix. Clearing your download history may help lessen the lulls meanwhile.

Followed up with @swagitda_ and it turns out the log events weren’t CCT scans. Chrome existence-checks previously downloaded files, but a bug moved the checks into the startup path. Clearing download history stops the checks.
Bugs files here:
–Justin Schuh

Even with all of these issues, Google Chrome is a solid browser.

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