Google in a recent post has relieved that in 2017 it brought down an average of “100 ads per second” for violating Google policies. Of many of ads, many of the ads are advertising bogus tech where the customers end up giving over a large amount of money for the support which they didn’t need or want.

In search ads scam, they show a fake web address to trick the user that they are looking at information of a legitimate service.

Google has placed a system to protest people from misleading, inappropriate, and harmful ads for a long time ago. When Google detects an increase in scams it automatically eradicates those ads from the Google search results.

In a recent blog, David Graff said that the company has seen a rise in ads that are inappropriate, misleading ads. These ads are mostly stemming from the third-party tech support providers.

In order to protect users from bogus content, The Company is restricting ads from the search ads category globally.


Graff wrote, “For many years, we’ve consulted and worked with law enforcement and government agencies to address abuse in this area”. “As the fraudulent activity takes place off our platform, it’s increasingly difficult to separate the bad actors from the legitimate providers. That’s why, in the coming months, we will roll out a verification program to ensure that only legitimate providers of third-party tech support can use our platform to reach consumers”.

Graff also acknowledges that these efforts won’t deter all the scams trying to get ads in Google search results, but it will make it harder. He also said Google is constantly looking for ways to block such content, and there is the battle going “to keep the online advertising ecosystem a safe place for everyone.”

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