Google, Is it possible for a web to exist without an internet address? Then how all the navigation have to do? These are questions of Google to create a World Wide Web a safer place for all the users on the internet.

The idea of abandoning web addresses may be very radical for a company that has built its business on many web pages and unique web address URLs to rank it whenever a user searches for a keyword.

If Google is successful in creating internet a more secure place then its trust, users and the advertisers will place even greater trust in its search results.

Most common problem with URLs is that they are difficult to understand and that leads to Hacking by using this confusion to launch cyber-attacks etc.


McAfee, a leading antivirus, internet security team has suggested that cyber- attacks cost the world $600 billion last year along. The number of cyber-attacks has increased and it should be controlled.

In a recent interview, A Google Chrome engineer has said: “So we want to move towards a place where web identity is understandable by everyone – they know who they’re talking to when they’re using a website and they can reason whether they can trust them”. “But this will mean big changes in how and when chrome displays URLs. We want to challenge how URLs should be displayed and question it as figuring out the right way to convey identity.”

The connection between the web identity and URLs has become less relevant with the rise of URL shorteners. These URL shorteners will obscure long web addresses and make it shorter. In that way, it will easy to remember and easy to share URLs.

Google has this URLs shortening programs, but it has announced earlier this year that it will be replacing this service with the Firebase Dynamic Links.

Currently, Google is trying to understand how people use URLs. Till now the Google team hasn’t revealed it is proposals. Google somehow must balance the security and the convenience of the user.

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