Google was preparing to roll out some of the most waited improvement to the sound search. These improvements lie with now playing itself. This software is brought to the Google to the Pixel 2 in 2017, it was meant to allow Google to create an always- awake music recogniser that could be used without internet itself. Over the years, Google has learned that playing is not only its job but also doing the search in server-side sound search better.

Google in order to improve the quality of sound search, It has taken the technology that underlies Playing and embedded it with the Sound Search. If you’re are confusing whether to use the now playing or Sound Search, Google says that the improved Sound Search performs better than the Now Playing. Sound Search enhancement has brought faster and more accurate results than the Now Playing.

The new server-side database of Sound Search contains as 1,000 times as songs as Now Playing. Due to the larger database, it does present it new challenges. The biggest of them all is match the correct song due to the larger directory of the songs. Google now relies on the improved machine learning algorithms to quickly sort the required song of the user.


Now moving on to the technical side, Google has quadrupled the no of the neural network involved and they also increased the size of the embedding from 96 to 128 and also doubled the density of the embeddings. Due to the changes, Google now works harder to find and identify songs. The important another way is to adjust the criteria of the songs based on the popularity of the songs. The popular songs will have a lower matching threshold than the less popular ones. It will help the Sound Search to be more accurate in the results.

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