At the point when bits of gossip started swirling about Google’s Pixel Buds in ahead of Google I/O the last fall, there was energy noticeable all around. Apple’s AirPods had been dominating the completely wireless market for quite a long time, and it was assumed Google’s first attempt at headphone (wired or wireless) would be Alphabet’s solution to Apple’s upset.

Unfortunately, when Pixel Buds arrived, you could feel the air get drained out of the room. Not exclusively were the bulbous buds not completely remote, but rather strange design attributes like an odd fit and an interlaced association link that clumsily twists around within the charging case put nearly everybody off Google’s most recent equipment. This wasn’t a Fire Phone-level disaster, however even our 3-star rating seems to be to somewhat generous in hindsight.

All things considered, the recent rumor about Google’s arrangement for the Pixel Buds’ second era — expected next fall — might appear to be astounding, however it’s truly not. On the off chance that Google needs to play with Apple and the other huge young men in equipment, it must concrete its place in the headphone vocabulary. That is doubly valid since the organisation took after Apple in cutting the headphone jack from its Pixel 2 mobile; generally Google is basically tossing millions out the window.

In this way, we’re doing our community sonic obligation to enable Google to gain from its initial falters. Here are five things Google needs to do to make the Pixel Buds 2 not suck.


This is a conspicuous one given the competitors, however likewise a to some degree cumbersome statement given this current author’s history in getting out evident remote earbuds’ agitated past (and introduce, truly). So, new innovation progressions, for example, enhanced Near Field Magnetic Induction (which interfaces earbuds through your skull) — and in addition coming headway’s in Bluetooth — have made it simpler than at any other time to go sans wire.

Further, the way that Google put all its battery tech, equipment, and controls inside the big dark buds themselves — rather than in the link like such a significant number of different remote earbuds — implies Google clearly needed to make its first headphones absolutely remote, however was not able (or unwilling) to put stock in its abilities at cutting the last association. Certainty aside, however, Apple’s Air-pods have cornered the market with a 75-percent offer, and this is the place what’s to come is going, so the following pair of Pixel Buds must be absolutely without wire.

Pixel Buds


Two of the greatest grievances about the Pixel Buds were the sheer tremendousness of their outside and the fit, which rested them simply outside the ear waterway rather than snuggly inside. The whole plan needs to trim down and take care of business. The earbuds should be lighter and fit better for a standout amongst the most widely recognized utilize cases in remote headphone arrive: Your everyday exercise.

The Pixel Buds 2 need to trim the fat and fix the fit.

It may not be simple, but rather the following Pixel Buds must be more agreeable and adaptable. In the event that Google needs to beat Apple unexpectedly, it needs to make an item that is more at home in the exercise centre than the golf tee-formed AirPods.


Battery life is one of the greatest issues with genuine remote earbuds. Most first-gen genuine remote earbuds scarcely split the three-hour obstruction per charge (if that), while the AirPods helped push the standard to a still-unremarkable five hours. It is difficult to pack an enduring battery into a little match of earbuds which require a steady electronic association with your cell phone. That is the reason for all intents and purposes each feasible combine of genuine remote buds accompanies a battery-pressed charging case to continually nourish the earbuds juice while resting.