Recently, Microsoft has unveiled a new look for Skype redesign. The new strategy for Microsoft is to go back basics design. Over the recent past years, Microsoft has embedded lots of features on Skype. Some of the features of Skype are well received while the other features are not received well. Microsoft is going to trim some of the most underused features and looking to focus only on the core functionality of the Skype.

One of the features that are removed from Skype is “Skype Highlights”. According to the Microsoft, the Snapchat like features is not well received by the majority of the users. So if you want to save the highlight you can do it. This we will completely remove from Skype on September 3. So if you want your highlight, act fast and download it before the feature is completely removed.

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Simple Clean UI

The removal of the highlight feature incidents that Skype is willing to delete the unpopular features. One of the goals of this update is to simplify the features and to present it with a clean UI. On the front screen, the app is presented with Chat, Calls, and Contacts.

Whereas on the desktop version, they are moving Chats, Calls, Contacts and the Notification icons to the top left of the panel. Skype developed team says that the changes will make the Skype slimmer and also maintaining the core functionalities of the Skype.


They are also looking to change the colour theme of the Skype. In addition to the dark theme, the developers are looking to introduce a classic mood to the Skype’s standard light blue scheme.

If you want to try the Skype’s new look, it is currently updated on the Desktop and the Mobile Apps.