It is the biggest day for Apple with yearly WWDC developer’s event. However, Microsoft is making headlines for their recent acquisition. Microsoft has confirmed that they will buy Github.

In case you don’t know what is Github

It is a place where software developers, coders, tester work together. Even a whole company can work on technical projects.

Microsoft has reportedly dropped around $7.5 billion dollars on this deal. However, Github has valued around $2 billion dollars just three years ago. So what has changed?

Microsoft has the largest users of Github and it kind of makes sense.

Some of the users of the Github feels it may be the end of Github, but Microsoft says “They will work to preserve its geek cred and be ‘stewards’ of the hallowed service”.

Previous CEO of Github Chris Wanstrath has been given a position in Microsoft as the Technical Fellow at Microsoft. This is high profile buy for Microsoft, Will it suffer as same fate as the Skype and Nokia, Future will tell us.