On August 14, Microsoft published a blog post stating that the future versions of Microsoft Edge may offer voice options for the users. This feature will be available for the users who opt to use the Read Aloud. This option will allow users to listen to the content of the web pages users visit. It is referred to as cloud-powered voices.

Microsoft developed these sounding voice options after several complaints from the users stating that the default speaking voices sounded like robotic and unnatural voices. Microsoft also said, “How time-consuming it was to install different language packs so that they could read the text in other languages.”


This cloud-powered voice option is available in two types of versions: Neural and the standard one. The Neural versions are those voices that sound like most lifelike. They are powered by using deep neural networks. The standard versions are cloud-powered voices they are not as realistic as of Neural. But they are sound clearer than the other standard voices. The Neural voice has options like “online” and “neural” names, while you are viewing in the voice menu in Microsoft Edge.

You can’t use these features right away. It is currently in beta version. You can try this, you will need to download either the Dev or Canary channels builds of Microsoft Edge. After downloading it, you can open these features by selecting some text, and right-clicking on it, and choose “Read aloud selection”. A pop-up bar will come at the top of your screen. From those voice options, you can select a voice from the menu list.