Real time availability booking calendar in PHP car rental script was developed to serve the online business scheduled service. Later days many significant customisation have done and lead to launch a perfect web solution for car rental called Car Rental Booking Calendar and the prototype in this script allows you to manage an unlimited number of rental cars and maintain separately for each car’s availability booking calendar.

Booking Calendar with Multiple Features

The car Rental Booking calendar becomes an essential menu in the Php Car Rental script and it allows the users to add infinite rental cars and can manage the each car’s availability booking calendar separately. You can adjust or modify the calendar view, update the price, you can show the price or hide the price on the front end, you can set limits for the number of guest per booking ( Maximum or minimum number of adults and children )

On-Demand Services For Each Reservation

By using our Php car rental script booking calendar, you can offer the customer with a set of on-demand service and extra service which leads you to add value to your online car rental business. It will be a good sign of the quality of your service, by seeing a list of possible and significant features.

Additionally and most importantly, you should remind and keep update your valuable clients about the small and crucial details which are relevant to each car or any business trips and bookings. The credibility of being transparent with your clients about the extras’ prices will definitely promote you a trustworthy service provider.

Launch Promo Codes

The rental booking calendar in the Php Car Rental Script contains a smart ticket system which allows the user or host to create different discounts and coupons which lead the guest to apply to their online bookings. If you wish to add a new promo code for a specific time period or for particular occasions, then you just need to set the validity time period and the types of discounts ( fixed, percentage ) and randomly add a symbol combination.