One of the best cabs in India is Ola. Ola Cabs was founded on 3 December 2010 by Bhavish Aggarwal, As of 2017, the company has expanded to a network of more than 600,000 vehicles across 110 cities. 


Ola provides different types of service, ranging from economy to luxury travel. The cabs are reserved through a mobile app and the service accepts both cash and cashless payments with Ola money.

The marketing strategy of OLA cabs

Marketing strategies are always interesting to learn, but the fact that the actual strategies of any company are never revealed out.

Unlike Uber Ola Cabs is customised to the local Indian market only. Customising its operations to suit the needs of the local market. This focused approach has immensely helped Ola Cabs in driving its growth.

Ola cabs is now in an investment phase. With loads of coupons, referral programs out the company aims at capturing the Indian web app based taxi market which is on a rise in India.

How much do Ola drivers earn?

Here’s the current trend of Ola/Uber cab drivers in India.

• Fixed Salary: Rs Rs 18,000 – Rs 20,000 p.m. (driver needs to complete a weekly target of 110/130 trips)

• Commission Based Salary: 25 – 30% (average 26%) of the total earnings of four consecutive weeks. This effectively results to around Rs 17,000 – Rs 22,000 depending on the cab owners earning.

• Per Trip Based Salary: Rs 55 – Rs 70/trip (most owners following this model pay Rs 60/trip). Therefore, a driver completing 110 trips a week gets to earn Rs 26,400 (in four weeks)

How much does driver cum Ola cab owner earn?

Basically earn all what another cab owner earns a month, plus the driver salary. Additionally, he takes good care of his car while driving, thereby reducing unnecessary maintenance costs.

Net Profit: Rs 28,000 – Rs 34,000 PM

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