Twitter experimental product “Twttr” app is looking like a hit among the users trying it. Twttr is an experimental product released a month ago. It is a way of testing new features with Twitter users. Twitter’s participants will provide feedback about it. Then those features will be transferred to the main “Twitter” app.

A tweet from Sara Haider, Director of product management, says that initial reaction of the users is mostly preferring it to the main Twitter app. These features are currently undergoing testing are very popular among the participants.

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Twttr, Includes removal of Twitter’s engagement button in conversion threads. This will provide less cluttered design among the users. To like a response in a message conversation, you need to perform a right to left swipe. While “Tapping” gesture will bring the retweet and reply buttons.

Twttr, also testing an “author” label to indicate the original poster of a user in a thread. The “Following” label will show when someone you follow drops a reply in a thread. New functionalities such as dark mode and improved functionality will be soon added into Twtter.


If you are looking to join Twttr program, then you apply here. You are expected to use it as your primary Twitter app. Lots of new features are been tested and sometime it may be buggy. We should note that features release on the Twttr may not be seen in the primary Twitter app. The features will be added on only based on how users respond to the new features. The main objective of this testing is to discover the new possibility to the users without annoying regular users with frequent changes to the Twtter App.

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