UberEats – Uber has recently joined the list of companies keen on using the drones for the meal delivery. Uber has decided to use the drone delivery system for its UberEats Company. Uber is looking to bring a drone delivery system as early as 2021. Uber has been best known for the ride-sharing and it is very keen on bringing the drone delivery system to the UberEats. This came out after the job post titled as “flights standards and training” and its position is based on the Uber’s home city in San Francisco.

After this job post, Wall street journal enquired uber about the job posting. After the enquiry, Uber has removed the job posting from the LinkedIn site. An unnamed spokesperson clarified “does not fully reflect our program, which is still in its very early days.”

The primary focus of the ad says “standards, procedures, and training while reducing operational risk for all UberExpress flight operations”.

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UberExpress is the Uber’s internal name for its drone meal delivery plan. The person who takes up this post has also required to “Enable safe, legal, efficient and scalable flight operations to deliver flights by 2019 and commercial operations in multiple markets by 2021.”

To achieve the drone delivery system, firstly the company has to create its own drone delivery platform including the machine which is capable of carrying out the deliveries. Uber has also need to tackle the company’s Amazon. Many companies have wanted to deliver the foods using the drone delivery platforms. As far as the Federal Aviation Administration has handled the drones for commercial operations with extreme cautions. Dara Khosrowshahi [Uber CEO] revealed its plan to use drones in UberEats during an interview with Bloomberg in May 2018.

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