Car Rental Script is an advanced car rental and booking script developed by Abservetech, that allows entrepreneurs to kick-start their own car rental business in a short span. Our Car Rental Script allows you to run your own car booking platform to make people find various types of cars for different occasions, size, and brands. By giving this type of Car Rental Software will be more convenient for the travellers to book vehicles for their travel, this will easily build you a stronger customer base. Moreover, Car Rental Script automate the payment process of payment after the vendor pays, admin collects his commission and remaining would transfer to the vendor’s account.

Car Rental Scripts is developed with some effective and efficient features. If a Rider wants to add their favourite cars or the car they wanted to travel on later stages can be added to the wish list and rider will receive the updates about the car added to the Wish List. Multi-Language and Multi-Currency management is available so that user does not need any calculator or a currency converter.

In Admin Panel, Admin can manage the journey reports, set tariffs for the vehicles, manage the transactions and also manage the reviews and ratings given by the riders.

In Vendor panel, Vendor can upload the list of cars, manage booking and cancellation done by the riders, manage promo codes also live to track of their cars and transaction management. Moreover, vendor manages the journey reports, list of the cars taken by the riders are maintained in working history.

In Rider Panel, Rider can book the car for day rental and also for outstation, select their favourite car from the list, booking or cancellation will be received via mail or SMS, check their booking confirmation status and also can cancel their bookings, booking history feature stores all the booking and cancellation done by the rider.

All over Abservetech provides unique software system Airstar – Car Rental Software that satisfies all your needs with efficient and effective features which build you a large customer base in a short span.