Google Map – Finding a specific location in this fast-moving world can be a little difficult. It can be easy for a person to get turned around from the right location. Google’s solution to address this issue is to integrate augmented reality [AR] for navigation. It points the correct way to turn for that corresponding person.

This announcement is made in Google I/O 2018, and it is finally rolled out in Google maps app. This mode is currently available only to the pixel phone. This includes newly launched Pixel 3a. You have to update your Google maps app to receive this feature. Your Google Map has to be on Version 10.15 or later version. you can check your Google Maps version from Settings -> About, terms and Privacy options. This AR feature is available in Pixel phone and it works only in outdoors, and it is not available in India.

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How to use AR Mode:

Type in your destination address and make sure you have selected “Walking navigation”. AR mode only works in this navigation. you can see a button Start AR. Tap on this button, The Camera app will launch.

At the bottom of the phone, you can see a small part of the map, so you will still have a top-down view. You will need to turn you slowly so that the camera can see the buildings and signs around you. It will take a few seconds to get through the details. After Recognising, you will see a giant virtual market on the street and it will be telling you which direction to head.

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