Actually, YouTube Device Report collects apps performance information from the customer’s apps, They are looking at the hardware specs to improve the stream quality of the YouTube app, Notification and development of new discovery by keeping a check on the smartphones innovation.

To qualify smartphones must support all types of features, put into rigorous performance testing done by the YouTube team. This rigorous testing includes a process such as the high dynamic range support, high frame rate video, next-gen codecs, 4K video decoding and 360-degree video performance.


YouTube has set the flag bar so high, the current checklist only contains the flagship devices. These flagship devices are merely 19 smartphones starting from Samsung, LG, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nokia, HTC, OnePlus and Sony. This panel does not include Apple Devices and remains quiet for a long time. Currently, all the above devices support VP9 Video Codec.

The main purpose of this YouTube Device Report site is that the public can look whether their smartphone will fulfil the requirement and it will continuously update the parameters regularly. YouTube is currently working on the number of smartphone devices and new devices are welcome and they are encouraged to submit units. These devices will provide the information about the hardware features and discovery that comes to the market.

By keeping the eye on the technology YouTube can push the streaming performance of the smartphones for the smoother playback experience of the video. Currently, the YouTube Device Report site is ready, if you want to know is your smartphone is good for playing back videos on YouTube or not.